One of the South African Government’s greatest challenges stems from the fact that informal settlements continue to grow faster than the rate of low- income housing delivery.

The need, therefore, for in-situ informal settlement upgrade is paramount. National Development Outcome 8 mandates an ambitious target of improving the quality of life of 400 000 households by 2014 by upgrading informal settlements in well-located areas.

What is NUSP?

The National Upgrading Support Programme (NUSP) was designed to support the National Department of Human Settlements (NDHS) in its implementation of the Upgrading Informal Settlements Programme (UISP) with the objective of eventually upgrading all informal settlements in the country.

How does NUSP work?

The Upgrading Informal Settlements Programme (UISP) and Urban Settlements Development Grant (USDG) administered by the NDHS, are the primary policy and grant instruments used to meet national targets.

Municipalities are required to act as developers for the UISP and the NUSP provides support, in partnership with the province, the NDHS and the Housing Development Agency (HDA), to help them do so effectively. Guidance for implementation is set out in Part 3 of the National Housing Code.