Communities of Practice

The formation of a collective professional mindset and approach to incremental upgrading is essential if the transformation to sustainable human settlements is to be delivered at scale. The new approach must be embedded in provincial and municipal planning and implementation practice. Setting up a new community of practice (CoP) is a fundamental thrust of the NUSP as illustrated in the figure below.

NUSP Community of Practice

The CoP has the following objectives:

  •     Establishing an active network of practitioners, sharing information, experience and resources
  •     Acting as an interchange of ideas, experiences and inputs from programme partners
  •     Generating demand for targeted training and support
  •     Collectively building a new ‘mindset’ for informal settlement upgrading

The CoP will comprise members from the municipalities and provinces engaged in informal settlement upgrading, along with the NUSP partner organisations. Connecting this community together – through the IT platform, dissemination of information, the national and provincial forums and training events – will build professional relationships, expand access to a shared repertoire of resources and good practice, and create a platform for innovation.