The National Upgrading Forum will provide guidance, inputs, and oversight for the NUSP, as well as monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the programme. Its overall aim is to promote cooperation, information sharing and partnerships among upgrading practitioners and NUSP partner organisations. Its role and activities include the following:

  • Build an active community of practice in informal settlement upgrading, with an emphasis on promoting incremental and in situ upgrading
  • Promote good practice, information sharing and joint problem solving among informal settlement upgrading practitioners via direct contacts, peer review and assistance, and the NUSP IT platform
  • Develop opportunities for partnerships between NUSP practitioners and NUSP partners.
  • Facilitate support from the NDHS to NUSP participants
  • Promote access to capacity building activities for informal settlement upgrading professionals, and engage with relevant training providers to develop relevant courses and materials
  • Promote exchange and dialogue with other relevant learning networks and communities of practice in the field of informal settlement upgrading (for example, World Bank Institute, India-Brazil-South Africa Working Group on Human Settlements)
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of the NUSP, and adjust its activities accordingly.Membership is drawn from the provincial upgrading forums and NUSP partner organisations.

The UF does not substitute for or override its members’ and partner organisations’ roles and responsibilities; it exists to support their activities on informal settlement upgrading.  Provincial Upgrading Forums (started up specifically, or adapted from existing provincial consultation structures) will be put in place, involving those municipalities who are members of the NUSP.