NUSP partners and how they work together

The National Upgrading Support Programme (NUSP) was created by the National Department of Human Settlements (NDHS) to provide assistance to provinces and municipalities in their efforts to upgrade informal settlements. The Housing Development Agency (HDA) is an important partner in providing technical support for upgrading under the coordination of the NUSP.

The HDA promotes sustainable communities by making well-located land and buildings available for the development of housing and human settlements. As an organ of state, the HDA is accountable through its Board to the Minister of Human Settlements. The HDA was established to address the land acquisition and assembly process so as to accelerate housing delivery and human settlement development. The two main objectives of the Agency are to:

  • Identify, acquire, hold, develop and release well-located land and buildings; and
  • Provide project management support and housing development services. The provision of specific informal settlement upgrading support is defined in the HDA Act as one of the Agency’s functions.

NUSP also works with the following organisations:



										Mark Tru

										Urban Land Mark