FAQs Informal settlement upgrading policy and funding

  • December 09, 2013

Subsidy and relocations
Can the UISP subsidy be utilised for settlements that are categorised for relocations and if so what does it provide for?
The UISP subsidy applies in full in cases where a portion or the whole community is to be resettled. The subsidy provides for relocation costs as follows: transport = R455.28, social services = R343.99, food parcel = R566.58. The total amount being R1,365.85.

The Emergency Housing Assistance Programme can be accessed to finance households that are relocated on a temporary or emergency basis.

Soweto Township in Johannesburg, Gauteng. Photo courtesy of sea turtle

Subsidy and public facilities
What happens to settlements that have already been upgraded but do not have public facilities and what instrument can be utilised to provide for these facilities?
There is a National Housing Programme, the Provision of Social and Economic Amenities, that has been designed to provide grant funding to municipalities to deliver public facilities, namely:

  • Medical care facility: R694,028.99
  • Community hall (520m2) inclusive of day care centre and ablution
  • facility: R1,250,833.66
  • Community park or playground and ablution facility: R1,080,300.42
  • Taxi rank and ablution facility: R1,183,953.42
  • Sports facilities plus ablution: R1,778,974.12
  • Small business facilities plus ablution facilities: R1,104,757.28
  • Total cost including planning and project management: R7,267,964.61.

Subsidy and Emergency Housing Programme
The Emergency Housing Programme is sometimes seen as an instrument to quickly address upgrading even when there is no emergency – what does policy allow for?
For emergency services the UISP providers R3,439.89 for interim/ emergency services per stand. It only applies in relocation situations and in cases where health and life is threatened.

In some municipalities Temporary Relocation Areas (TRAs) are used as a means to upgrade informal settlements and they end up becoming a permanent fixture – what are the standard application procedures from municipalities to provinces?
TRAs are not a national policy concept but are rather linked to temporary relocation needs.

More on the UISP

The Upgrading Informal Settlements Programmes (UISP) represented a major shift away from the way the previous department of housing delivered houses up to 2004. It was the first programme approved after the institution of the Comprehensive Plan for the Creation of Human settlements.

And the plan was designed based on lessons learnt as well international best practice and it is still government’s Number One intervention! The UISP contains the following provisions:

  • Holistic community-wide redevelopment approach
  • Community’s involvement is fundamental
  • Security of tenure and basic services
  • Flexibility
  • Temporary services or ‘emergency’ options
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