What’s happening in MK Square, Manguang?

  • July 15, 2013

MK Square, Manguang

The HDA is working closely with Mangaung Metro Municipality to deliver on the NUSP and developing an action plan which should see MK Square informal settlement in Manguang getting to implementation.

MK Square is a long established settlement of about 450 households and approximately seven kilometres from the centre of Manguang. The social assessment phase of the project shows that the community is stable and characterised by long established families close to municipal services and amenities.

The technical assessment has revealed that the site is viable and appropriate for long term planning for upgrading with top structures as there is no constraint on land, bulk services, topography, environmental, and geotech.

The settlement is located in between established and proclaimed townships of Mangaung which makes access to socio economic amenities easy. The assessment further recommended the project for a full in-situ upgrading.

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