The Housing Development Agency Act No 23 of 2008

The Housing Development Agency Act No 23 of 2008 establishes the Housing Development Agency, providing for its functions and powers, and providing for matters connected therewith

The Housing Act No 107 of 1997

The Housing Act No 107 of 1997 sets out to provide for the facilitation of a sustainable housing development process. For this purpose, it lays down general principles applicable to housing development in all spheres of government, defines the functions of national, provincial and local governments in respect of housing development and provides for the establishment of a South African Housing Development Board, the continued existence of provincial boards under the name of provincial housing development boards and the financing of national housing programmes; repeals certain laws; and provides for matters connected therewith.

South Africa has developed a progressive and comprehensive policy framework for the in situ or incremental upgrading of informal settlements. This is set out in Part 3, Chapter 13 of the National Housing Code, the Comprehensive Plan for the Creation of Sustainable Human Settlements (Breaking New Ground) and the National Development Plan, Vision for 2030 (2011). Nevertheless, local authorities and practitioners have found the in-situ upgrading of informal settlements extremely challenging. This Resource Kit provides you with the latest thinking, information and approach to undertaking informal settlement upgrading, as well as training materials, to enhance the ability of practitioners and key stakeholders to implement upgrading initiatives

The purpose of this Resource Kit is to support effective informal settlement upgrading in South Africa.

The Resource Kit consists of:

Manual – This comprises thirteen chapters covering different aspects of informal settlement upgrading.

Training Materials – This comprises a participant’s booklet, facilitators guide and references.

In addition the facility to document and submit case studies of successful informal settlement upgrading projects and programmes is provided. If you have a case study that you would like to add we would welcome your contribution. 

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