What support does NUSP provide?

The three pillars of the UISP are basic services (including water and sanitation), security of tenure and community empowerment. Most municipalities have the capacity to provide basic services but fewer have looked to alternative means of security of tenure other than the orthodox approach of freehold. Fewer still effectively undertake community empowerment as required by the National Housing Code.

On this third issue the NUSP provides technical assistance for municipalities to undertake planning in conjunction with communities.

It also has a capacity building programme which aims to assist municipal and provincial offi cials to understand and meet the range of needs for informal settlement upgrade. The NUSP also provides support to municipalities in project development and to implement more integrated planning.

Through workshops, seminars and information sharing across the country NUSP is helping to improve the knowledge base around informal settlement upgrade. This includes highlighting of best practices, creating networks of practitioners and undertaking research.

NUSP will support 49 priority municipalities with their informal settlement upgrading plans. Ultimately, the goal of the NUSP is to strengthen the capacity of all institutions involved in the upgrade of informal settlements which, in turn, will help meet the Outcome 8 target of assisting 400,000 households by 2014.

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