Informal settlement profile reports

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Municipal Profiles for Mining Towns 2013
Informal Settlement Profile Reports 2013
Informal Settlement Upgrading: Incrementally upgrading tenure under customary administration 2015
Incremental Settlement
Satellite Technologies to assist in determining the status of informal settlements
Urban development: promoting jobs, upgrading slums and developing alternatives to new slum information
Community Driven Development in Urban Upgrading
Participatory Upgrading of Informal Areas
Forum On In-Situ Informal Settlement Upgrading
Department of Human Settlements Annual Report, 2009/2010
Improvement Projects: Technical Guidelines
Doing Urban Upgrading: Reference for Practitioners and Administrators
The Red Book, published by the Department of Human Settlements
Housing and Finances for the Poor
The National Housing Code: Provision of Social & Economic Facilities
The National Housing Code: Human Settlements’ Integrated Residential Development Programme
Neighbourhood Development Programme
The National Housing Code, Part 3: Upgrading Informal Settlement
Housing Project Process Guide
Building Bridges Through Participatory Planning
The World Bank: Thematic Interviews
Directions in Development: Street Addressing and Management of Cities
Count Me In: Improving security of tenure and urban land management
Creating consensus about prioritising settlements for development and for dispute resolution
Community Driven Development in Urban Upgrading
Building Partnerships: SA Guidelines
The National Housing Code
Approaches to Urban Slums
Quick Guides for Policy-Makers in Asia
Upgrading Urban Communities: A Resource for Practitioners
About Slum Upgrading
Urban Land Matters
Kate Tissington and Lauren Royston: Urban Reform
Sustainable Housing: Policy and Practice
Focus note: Housing and Finances for the Poor
The Case for Incremental Housing
A policy and strategy for upgrading informal settlements: Buffalo City Metro

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